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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  September 12, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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four days before the next gop debate, donald trump rallies in iowa where he maintains a strong lead in the polls. does he keep the same strategy? and democratic hopeful bernie sanders takes his message to the south where he'll connect with african-american voters and try to take them away from hillary clinton. police in phoenix have a person in interest in the serial freeway shooting incident. are we closer to solving this mystery? now na the u.s. agreed allow 10,000 refugees into the country, americans offer to open personal homes to help. you are in the "cnn newsroom." >> we are always so glad to see you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge, if for victor blackwell. good to be with you.
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gearing up for what is said to be a busy day on the gop presidential trail. as donald trump is building his lead from his rivals, the campaigning among gop hopefuls is getting tight today. look at gop candidates on the stump. donald trump, scott walker, marco rubio, rand paul, all expected to do some tailgating outside the iowa state football game in the coming hours. >> new hampshire john kasich, carly fiorina, george pataki scheduled to show up at a chili fest there the same one, in fact. this comes four days ahead of the gop presidential debate, live right here on cnn, front-runner donald trump, meanwhile, appeared late night with jimmy fallon. talk about, well, he talked about targeting who he's going, you know, to look at in this debate. >> i just think, in terms of targeting any voters, that's what i'm targeting, but i want them to vote. i want them to love trump.
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i want them to know i'll do a great job. as far as candidates, you know, to me, they're all the same. they really are. >> the thing is, he's being serious in some of the answers and he's still getting laughs. sara murray joining us live from boone, iowa, where trump is expected to hold a rally soon. we know he's still ahead in the polls. what are you hearing there this morning? >> reporter: well, so right now, everyone's getting set up. we're waiting on donald trump to pull in a big rally and as you pointed out, all 0 the candidates headed over to a tailgate this afternoon. this is a great opportunity for the candidates to get up close and personal with iowa voters. and look, for a lot of these guys they need the time. they need to put in some work here. look at latest iowa poll of likely republican caucus goers from quinnipiac university, trump with a wide lead. he has 27 percent support. the closest guy next is ben carson, 21 support. it's a moment for these outsiders, scott walker, who
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we'll see at the tailgate later today, collapsed in the state. he used to be the front-runner here. he's drawing just 3% support. so today it's going to be a day where i'm sure donald trump will bask in his high poll numbers, maybe try to win over a couple of new supporters. we're going to see candidates like marco rubio, scott walker and rand paul hustle and regain some ground here. >> what happens the possibility some people wondering if we could see fireworks between trump and paul, specifically? >> reporter: yeah, we're starting to get the sense that rand paul is just fed up with donald trump. he held an event here in iowa yesterday and said, it's time to go to combat with trump. he said he thinks the trump wave has crested and his downfall is coming. we're expecting him to bring the feisty demeanor to the tailgate today as well as the debate stage. >> tahank you talk about bernie sanders, holding a town hall in
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benedict college. sanders is closing in on clinton in the latest cnn/orc poll. 27% support there ten points behind clinton but moving forward as her support seems to begin lagging. political reporter following that story what happen are you hearing? >> bernie sanders trying to introduce himself here in the city, columbia, south carolina, benedict college, to african-american voters. two schools here, benedict and allen. the line behind me, african-american, this very much is his attempt to eat into some of hillary clinton's support. she does very well among african-americans nationally, very well with african-americans in this state april recent poll showed her gaining 60% of the black vote. he's at 3%. joe biden is at 30% of the african-american vote. joe biden, a wild card in this. don't know if he's going to enter this race. talking to the folks organizing
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this event here, they have low expectations in terms of thinking about how this crowd sort of identifies with and what they know about bernie sanders. they know he's a new face. you look inside where this event is going to start in about an hour, there's very little signage about bernie sanders. there's an american flag. there's benedict college signage and a palmetto state flag as well. they know rather than assuming that this crowd should be revved up for bernie sanders, that, first, they have to introduce him. one of the things that they've done is they've paired bernie sanders with dr. cornell west who was a surrogate for obama in 2008. he's since become a critic of obama. he will also be part of that introduction of bernie sanders so african-american voters who will be crucial in this state. they'll be a majority of voters on the february 22nd -- 27th primary. hillary clinton, so far, leading among african-americans. bernie sanders, trying to make up certain ground. i talked to some of his aides
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and they say that time is the biggest challenge they have at this point. so they're getting something of a start today. >> all right. we appreciate it. thank you. donald trump and bernie sanders, as you've heard, both headed to rallies in early voting states today. trump in, iowa, sanders holding a town hall event. trump will likely be touting his latest poll success as a new cnn poll shows he's the first candidate to top more than 30% support. well ahead of his nearest competitor. so let's talk about this with cnn senior political analyst, ron brownstein. ron, good to see you. days away from this debate right here on cnn, and trump is talking about strategy. he did that with jimmy fallon last night. let's take a listen, and i'll ask you on the other side about it. >> you do what you do. i mean it is what it is. you -- you've learned and you're an intelligent person, you have to understand that about yourself, otherwise you're not going to be very good up there
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the first debate i won every single poll, where they did polls on who won the debate. >> yeah. >> i would say i was not asked the nicest questions. i would say the questions, you know, they were a little bit, in my opinion -- >> tricky. >> -- they were unfair, but these are minor details. >> you know, we get the sense there is not a lot of preparation that donald trump does. is that the right call? >> well, look, i mean, first of all, you know the obligatory caveat that we need is that, at this point in 2011, rick perry, who dropped out of the race yesterday, was ahead in the polls. in 2007, rudy giuliani was ahead and both ended up leaving the polls. but donald trump has built a significant base in the republican party, support across the party, but especially with blue collar republicans, noncollege republican, extraordinary numbers in a field this big. recent polls he's running 40% among noncollege republican men who are very unhappy about the economy, culturally conservative, very ail yentnated
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from obama. he has a real base. other candidates have to figure out how to dislodge him. what donald trump has done, i think, successfully turn the axis of the republican race into a personal series of attacks and personal qualities rather than the policy arguments that have been the real fissure in primaries before. if the debate ends up being a series of attacks back and forth, even if he is the target, i think in some ways he wins by that. ultimately i think the other candidates have to kind of raise doubts about both his temperament and his agenda, and whether that is something that the republican electorate truly wants. but they have a real challenge. he's put down some roots. >> trump has managed, so far, to deflect many of his missteps, racist comments, insulting john mccain, sexist comments. anything he could say or do what would be too big for his campaign to move past? >> well, i think you don't know if the iceberg is too big until
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you hit it. so you know, we obviously have not hit that point yet. i do -- generally, though, i think if donald trump is dethroned from his position leading the race, i think it is less likely to be a single event, a single iceberg, than a death of a thousand cuts. i think there are two big lines of argument out there for the rivals to focus on. one is, as i said, temperament. that quinnipiac recent national polling only hal of republicans and a third of voters overall nationwide said they thought donald trump had the temperament to handle an international crisis. i think you will see the other republican candidates making something like that hillary clinton 3:00 a.m. phone call argument at some point. is he someone you want at the helm in a crisis? the second question is the agenda issue. is this someone who represents the conservative values of the voters that he is attracting. i think you've seen jeb bush trying to make that argument, and i think the others -- scott walk, ted cruz, as much as ted
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cruz has been cozying up to donald trump, they can't win iowa. i don't think there's a strategy. i think they have to challenge him from the right. >> let's switch now to the other side, bernie sanders. he says that he was stunned over a new poll that showed him closing on hillary clinton, 27% to her 37%. are you stunned? was this really momentum building? >> yeah, i think it is striking. it says more about clinton than about sanders. sanders is building a real audience in iowa and new hampshire. but i think when you look at national numbers, what we're seeing, i think what they reflect concern among democrats about hillary clinton who has had a very rough summer, not shown she can transcend this e-mail controversy. and i think that what you are seeing, both in the interest of vice president biden and the growing numbers for senator sanders, i think a function of concern about hillary clinton. sanders' case an ideological dimension. parties are polarizing. democratic party electorate is
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more liberal than when bill clinton ran in '92, no question about that. there's a bigger audience for bernie sanders, as the republican electorate is more conservative than it was 25 years ago. as parties polarized, candidates that represent the vanguard, ideological vanguard, have a bigger audience to talk to than they used to. >> ron brownstein, appreciate the insights. thank you. >> thank you. be sure to tune into the next republican presidential debate hosted by cnn. it is wednesday, september 16th, right here, 6:00 p.m. eastern. new developments to tell you about this morning in that series of shootings along a highway in phoenix. police identifying a person of interest. live to phoenix to see what's happening there this morning. also, the fallout over how a new york police officer took down a former tennis star. we have video and what we're learning about that officer now. a live report ahead. where do you put 10,000 refugees from sear why ya in the
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15 minutes past the hour. new details for you. in a rash of shooting in downtown phoenix, police are talking, we understand, with a person of interest characterized. a man taken for questioning less than 24 hours ago. here's his picture, taken into custody but has not been charged in connection with highway shootings. sara sidner, live in phoenix, right now. so what are we learning about this person of interest this morning?
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>> reporter: we know a few things that they detained him and another person yesterday, let one person go, and continued to question him about a myriad of things, including questioning him about any details he may know along this i-10 corridor, considering the shootings that have been going on. that's all we've got. they are not calling him a suspect, but they did eventually arrest him, after questioning him, arresting him for something completely different, possession of marijuana and they're saying, this case is not solved. we still want the public to remain vigilant and send in tips. >> reporter: after nearly two weeks with at least 11 vehicles hit with bullets or projectiles along eight-mile street, troopers are questioning a man in connect with shootings. >> calling him a person of interest but we really wanted to talk to him about a lot of things. so it's fair to say this will probably come up, but we --
7:17 am
basically want to spend some time with him and find out what he knows. >> reporter: the man, along with a woman, detained at a traffic stop. investigators released the woman but continued questioning the man. what can you tell me about what the circumstances were that led you to tip-related or was this something that investigators figured out? >> it's is reasonable to say a combination of the two. >> reporter: no one has been arrested, and police are still asking for citizens to call in tips. this, as two other incidents, one along highway 17, and another off interstate 10, are being investigated to determine whether they are linked to the recent shooting spree. interstate 10 has been a target zone for a serial shooter or shooters. cars or big rigs hit during all times of date and night with no apparent pattern. tremendous main jackson is one of many dps troops are driving the zone. >> it's never one-man situation. and that's from the troopers to
7:18 am
the police department so the citizens, it's a total team effort. >> reporter: this is not the first time police and the public here have had to deal with serial roadway shootings. a decade ago, eight people were killed, as two gunmen stalked the roadways in phoenix. that case took more than a year to solve. the man heading the current investigation was a lieutenant working at phoenix police department during those shootings. >> that was what they called serial shooter case, literally driving down roads and with a .410 caliber shotgun, shooting people walking down the street and killing them. >> reporter: and that case was actually solved in 15 months. you know how they solved it? they actually talked to a friend of the two shooters who heard them bragging about shooting people. again, police saying, yes, there has been someone detained, and now arrested, for something completely different. they still say this is an open case and they are still looking for the potential shooter or shooters. >> is it one, is it more people?
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all right. sara sidner, thank you for the update. we appreciate it. new york police released this surveillance video that shows takedown of former tennis star james blake. now we're learning it's not the officer's first controversial arrest. a live report on that. and speaking of controversy, president obama gives us stern warning to russia about -- it, rather, increasing its military presence in syria. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock.
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new this morning we have surveillance video from the manhattan hotel where former pro tennis player blake tackled. you can see casually standing in front of the hotel, now he tackles him, sits on him, beforehand cuffing him and leading him away. bill de blasio and bill bratton have apologized to blake for a case of mistaken identity, but blake says that's not enough. let's bring in cnn's boris sanchez. what is blake asking of the nypd? >> he's asking them to take specific steps to keep this from happening again. he says he's using this incident as a platform to try to improve relations between police and the people that they serve. the ynpd released that video you knows a few moments ago yesterday. it corroborates a lot of what
7:24 am
blake said about the incident. you it tell the officer, not in uniform, does not appear he's wearing a badge and doesn't look like blake is trying to flee. after the video emerged, blake put out a statement, essentially saying he's going to use this as a platform. when the incident was reported in the news media, mayor de blasio and commissioner bratton called me to extend personal appaologies and i greay appreciate those gestures. extending courtesy to a public figure mistreated by the police is not enough. he wants a significant financial commitment from the nypd to try to improve relations between police and the community and response to that statement, mayor de blasio put out his own statement saying the nypd has spent almost $30 million in retraining about 22,000 police officers. and on the heel of all of the statements we're learning more about james frascatore, the
7:25 am
police officer that took down blake, turns out, he has at least two civil cases, two civil complaints, against him in court right now alleging that he took down suspects with excessive force. this could potentially be his third. i spoke with blake's attorney yesterday, kevin marino, and asked him if a civil suit would be in the works. he cnn has reached out to officer frascatore but we have yet to hear back. >> i get his point. here he is, a celebrity, and everyone's apologizing but the other people who filed the civil cases, apparently no action taken on their behalf. thank you very much for the update. and stay tuned, james blake is going to be live here on cnn today at noon eastern time with fredricka whitfield. martin, president obama warning russia to stay out of syria and stop helping the assad regime. speaking of syria, the u.s., as you know, preparing to receive 10,000 of syrian refugees.
7:26 am
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the future starts now for all of us.
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so glad to have you with us. half past the hour. donald trump heading out to boone, iowa, before heading out to a college tailgate party. bernie sanders in south carolina holding a town hall event at historically black college there. no more campaigning, though for rick perry. former texas governor bowing out of the race for the white house, making that announcement yesterday in a statement. he took some are saying a bit of a dig at some candidates touting celebrity over conservatism. new developments in a series of shootings in the highway in phoenix. a person of interest, as they've characterized him. taken into custody, has not been charged in connection with it highway shootings.
7:30 am
but over the last two weeks, 11 vehicles struck by bullets and projectiles on or around the i-10 corridor. also new, president obama's warning russia against helping the syrian regime. this comes as u.s. officials say that russia is building up its troop levels in syria and helping to prop up syrian president -- the syrian president's government. president obama says, that won't change u.s. strategy in its fight against icy which includes air strikes in syria. bring in sunlen serfaty. what's the reaction from washington on the russian military presence in syria? >> i think it's notable that we're hearing from president obama on this for the very first time. in essence, he's gaiving a warning shot to russia amid the reports, in the move of russia ramping up troop presence in syria. the president speak out on this yesterday, more forcefully than we've heard other u.s. officials say in recent days, when they were saying it was unclear what
7:31 am
these moves meant in syria by russia. but now president obama taking one step farther, really connecting the dots more bluntly than officials in have in the past, intimating that russia is trying to prop up syrian president al assad more than previously known. the president saying he believes the strategy, in his words, of doubling down by russia is a mistake. here's more of what president obama said yesterday. >> the bad news that is russia continues to believe that assad, who is their traditional partner, is somebody that is worthy of continuing support, and it has been my view, and the view of the united states government, that asad is there he has alienated so much of the syrian population it's not possible to arrive at a peaceful cease-fire and
7:32 am
political settlement and you'll continue to have this vacuum filled by extremists. >> obama and putin will be in new york in a few weeks later this month to attend the u.n. general assembly meetings, that annual meetings are held. it is unclear at this point, martin, whether the two will meet directly but all of this, moves by russia and of course the refugee crisis which just grows more heartbreaking by the day, that just sets the stage for very important discussions. >> i wanted to follow up and ask you about that. the u.s. says it's going to allow 10,000 syrian refugees into this country next year. tell us more about it. >> that's right. the announcement made by the white house this week, that president wants the administration to accept additional refugees. the goal, number 10,000 in the next year. certainly the united states has received some criticism that they have not done enough, not taken in enough refugees. now to note this increase is about nine-times increase from
7:33 am
what the united states accepted in the last year. but it's also, over all, if you compare to what other countries are doing, it's certainly modest. expect to see that kri simple, that pressure on the united states to do more to continue. now secretary of state kerry was on capitol hill this week speaking to lawmakers on talking about the quotas, talking about their goals, and also of course, security concerns which the administration takes pains, of course, to bring up in the context of these discussions. and kerry indicated to lawmakers according to sources in the room that they gave a range of numbers that indicated that this number could potentially grow, martin, to even 100,000. >> you're right. as more refugees are seen, more will be wanting to come here. sunlen serfaty, thank you very much. meanwhile, the street of london packed with protesters this morning. what are they doing? showing solidarity with the millions of syrian refugees desperate to find a better life. nations all over the world bracing for a flood of men,
7:34 am
will, children this weekend from syria. nearly 100,000 sought asylum in germany alone since syria's bloody civil war started. take a look at the map. even that number is expected to skyrocket. german officials tell cnn, as of late, 10,000 migrants have been arriving in their country every day. syria's neighbors have been overwhelmed as well. turkey, for example, home to 2 million registered refugees. the white house announced plans to take in at least 10,000 more refugees here into the u.s. my guest thinks the u.s. can do even better, though. she's part of this growing number of people offering to host a syrian family. thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> i want to read something, if i could, please, you wrote on your facebook page. you said my kids and i live in mill valley, california, and would host a family in a heartbeat. what prompted you to make a desire so public there?
7:35 am
>> because it's the truth and i think that i -- i don't think that i'm alone in that sentiment and i -- i think that if there's a means for people to help in the crisis, that people would. and i think that this is a -- a way of going about that. it's not a political movement in that way, it's just a social movement. >> it's a humanitarian issue, right. listen, i wanted to let folks know we were showing pictures of her kids, as well, you've got two kids. and i am wondering if there's something that you read, something specific that you saw, that moved you enough to say, you can come into my home and i will help you? >> i don't know if it was anything specific. i mean, i think, you know, revolving watching the images and reading the stories about the crisis and not really
7:36 am
feeling like we could do anything about it, and there was an article, actually, in -- i can't remember what publication -- but talking about the iceland citizens opening up their homes. in that was the link to the facebook page that i went to and posted what i did. it just seemed like, like the first wave, first vehicle for us really participate rather than watching these, you know, clips and reading these articles and just commenting that it's heartbreaking and not being able to do something about it. this is something we can do. and i would -- i would definitely do it in a heartbeat. >> i know we had pictures of your children, two beautiful adopted children i understand, and i'm wondering if you have prepared them. what do you say to them? what have they said about the
7:37 am
possibility of having maybe another family moving in with you for a while? >> you know, i -- i haven't really had that conversation with them. i certainly will and would, you know, but i think that having, you know, the family that we have and having, you know, a melting pot of our own, and the fact that, you know, we've had guests and friends stay that i don't think it would be any different for them. what's age appropriate, i'm not quite sure, given that they're 7 and 9. but i would most likely ease them into understanding. >> do you have any concerns, like others are voicing some concerns right now, about isis operatives who may be trying to infiltrate some of these groups coming? >> frankly, it drives me crazy. i mean it just -- i don't foe
7:38 am
what to say to that but all i see is millions of people, these aren't ex-pats, he these aren't people looking for a free meal. these are people who are escaping a war torn country and it's like your neighbor's house being on fire and you just watching it going, sorry, you know? of course you would take them in. and i -- the isis -- i -- i -- i can't even -- i don't -- i can't wrap my head around that and think i don't care. if there's a possibility of that, it feels so minute, you know. >> yeah. i mean, the pictures we're seeing, the pictures we're seeing right now on the screen, i know, it's really tough. at the end of the day, these are people who are professionals, a lot of them are educated, they have families and it's heartbreaking, i know, to watch. thank you so much for sharing
7:39 am
your perspective on this. we appreciate your time this morning. >> of course. thanks for having me. >> of course. take good care. martin? >> in other news, construction crane comes crashing down on the largest mosque in the world, killing more than 100 people inside. we'll tell you what may have caused that disaster. plus -- we have a facebook exclusive to check out. a mom dud a bold social experiment. wearing a bikini in a busy place to promote self-acceptance. hear about her experience and reaction. go to our facebook page and tweet us. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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chilling footage now from saudi arabia as a construction crane came crashing down on the grand mosque in mecca, killing at least 107 people. looking at that amateur video that captured the crane. more than 200 injured officials blaming the accident on a powerful sandstorm. mecca's grand mosque is the largest, undergoing expansions and multiple cranes are in the area. ian lee, live from i can yo. that begs the question, why this particular crane? >> reporter: that really is the question right now, martin. they're looking at all of the cell phone footage, they're going to scour the site and look at this crane, was it secured
7:44 am
properly, was there defect to it that would cause it to topple over. a dozen other cranes, why weren't they affected during this storm, which did have winds that reached up to about 50 miles per hour, there was heavy rain, mixed with sand. there was lightning. a lot of things to go over there on this. this comes as saudi officials are preparing for the annual hajj milligramage, a little over a week's time. this is every year when 2 million muslims descend on to mecca, into saudi arabia. they -- officials are going to want to alleviate these people that show them that this won't happen again. they were expanding the mosque to accommodate that large number and also to make it safer. but it is unlikely to deter many of the pilgrims. this is one of the five pillars
7:45 am
of islam, every muslim must make the hajj if they are physically and financially able to do so. but saudi officials also want to give that reassurance that everything is safe, they have sped up this investigation, hopefully to have it concluded before the hajj begins. >> of course. a horrific tragedy. ian lee, thank you very much. not the headline most expected, unknown italian player, serena williams out of the open and ends her run for a grand slam. she's not unknown now. but how much do you know about her? yes, miss vinci. we'll talk about it. also this little girl whose viral video caught at eye of the tennis star herself. this little one is here with us. >> go, serena! >> we'll talk to her, next.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
andy shules joins us more. we've used every possible adjective to describe this, but it's amazing the turn of events, andy. >> reporter: absolutely. everyone here was just shocked, stunned, yesterday when relatively unknown roberta vinci pulled off one of the biggest upsets in tennis history, maybe sports history, knocking off one-seeded serena williams, ending her 33 grand slam match winning streak, ending her bid to become the first woman to win a calendar year grand slam in 27 years. as you can imagine, serena disappointed at that outcome take a look at daily news, it's got her picture "slammed" her season is now over. she no longer's going for that grand slam later today. and after yesterday's loss, she didn't want to talk about disappointment. instead she wanted to reflect on what's still been a very good season for her. take a listen. >> i never felt pressure. i think -- i don't know, i never
7:51 am
felt that pressure to win here, i said that from the beginning. win three grand slams this year, so, yeah, i won four in a row, so it's pretty good. >> reporter: later today is going to be roberta vinci taking on flavia pennetta, a final none of us saw coming. let me tell you, demand for tickets for the match without serena, they've gone -- they started yesterday before the semifinals at $280. now you can get in for under $80. >> wow. talk about the change of fate. thank you very much. christie? so arthur ashe stadium was tense, to say the least, during the plays leading up to serena williams's stunning defeat. i can't imagine anyone else rooting harder for her than 3-year-old mimi harris. let me remind you who she is. >> so here i said, this the last
7:52 am
one, right up in the air. and i was like, serena williams! >> who told you you were like serena williams? >> daddy. i was like serena williams! >> the video went viral. reached williams herself who gave the pint sized fan a care package complete with tickets to watch yesterday's match. she's with us now as well as her mom, obviously. kimberly here. mimi cannot hear us. her mom's going to ask some of the questions that we have. thank you for being with us. so appreciate it. can you do me a favor and ask mimi how did she feel seeing her hero play live. >> how did you feel when you saw serena play live yesterday? >> sad. >> sad because she lost? >> yeah. >> but were you excited to see her? >> yes.
7:53 am
>> yes. >> how was it, as a mom to watch your daughter watching her hero? that's got to be an experience. >> it was. it was outstanding. we really appreciate the fact that jpmorgan chase sent us to the open yesterday and today because it was an excellent experience for mimi to not only root for an idol she sees on television all the time, but to be there in person was excellent. and whether she won or loss, she's still our hero. >> can you ask her quickly, what would she like to say to serena, if she could. >> if you were to see serena, what would you say to serena? >> can i play the game with you. >> say can you play the game. if she said yes, who do you think would win? >> maybe serena. >> maybe. >> maybe serena. i love it. kimberly, you have just got such a gem there in that little girl. thank you for taking time to talk to us.
7:54 am
7:55 am
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i get the gist, yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. parents in america cannot afford diapers for their children. >> this week's cnn hero went on a mission to help. >> go. >> every single mother providing for my children is a struggle. diapers are super expensive. making sure that my children have everything and wanting to provide for them really does cause anxiety. >> diapers are not covered by food stap or social service programs. when i had my first child i was
7:59 am
amazed how hard it was to care for a newborn. it's emotionally very exhausting, physically very exhausting. one thing started to ease up, i wanted to help other moms. i started calling organizations. i heard over and over, we need diapers. i was heart broken, i started thinking about how difficult it would be to be that mom who didn't have the diaper. we have donated nearly 2 million diapers to families in the d.c. area. we partner with organizations who are helping families. a lot of our families are at a breaking point. we're using diapers as a way to have them engage with social services for other needs, let them know there is a network there, that's going to help them, support them. >> is it diaper day? >> receiving diapers means one less thing i have to worry. it allows me to put more money towards other things that are
8:00 am
beneficial for my children. >> knowing we're able to help moms at a critical point and bring them a little bit of a relief is huge. i want them to have everything they need to thrive. >> if you know someone who should be a cnn hero, let us know, cnnheroes. >> thank you for watching. much more ahead. next hour of cnn's newsroom. we turn it over to our colleague, fredricka whitfield. >> you all have a great day. very busy. a busy afternoon straight ahead. thanks so much. 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield. newsroom starts right now. >> extremely busy weekend for presidential candidates as well especially for republican contenders with just four days to go before the next gop debate right here on cnn. take a look right now at live pictures from iowa where republican stt


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